Full-Color Old-Time Animals CD-ROM and Book

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Full-Color Old-Time Animals CD-ROM and Book
389 full colour images, selected from rare Victorian sources of scrapbook material. This is a mixture of Victorian Vignettes and some more realistic illustrated images. There are dogs, cats (domesticated and wild), farm animals, race horses, seals, whimsical animals in Victorian garb, chocolate box type animal images drawn from the advertising work of the day.

Other species include, crabs, horses, pufferfish, snakes, birds, turtles, tigers, owls and lions. Nestling in amongst them are the comic images, clowns riding pigs backwards, dogs in top hats, girls cuddling dogs, a fish in a sailors outfit...

This is not just a collection of Victorian schmaltz however - there are not many colour source books for authentic Victoriana so this is a useful stop gap collection with some near-realistic content. This is especially true for African animals, parrots, zebras, rhinos and so on, but also for some domestic and farm animals, cockerels, foxes and more.
CD includes all images scanned to professional usage quality.

Illustrations: 389 colour vignettes
Author: Dover
Size: 233 x 310 mm
Format: CD ROM and Book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486995526
ISBN 10: 0486995526

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