Fuenteovejuna: A Dual-Language Book

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Fuenteovejuna: A Dual-Language Book
From the golden age of the Spanish theater comes this captivating seventeenth-century drama of peasants defending their honor against oppression by a feudal lord. Based on a historical incident, Fuenteovejuna takes its name from the Andalusian town of its setting. This edition features an informative introduction with background on Spanish theater of the era as well as on the dramatist's career and on the play itself. The editor and translator has supplied an excellent English-prose version on the pages facing the original Spanish for an absolutely complete edition not freely adapted, but as close to the meaning of the original text as possible.

Illustrations: -
Author: Lope de Vega
Size: -
Format: Book
Copyright: -
ISBN 13: 9780486420929

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