Food and Drink - A Pictorial Archive from Nineteenth Century Sources

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Food and Drink - A Pictorial Archive from Nineteenth Century Sources
Monumental archive of copyright free Victoriana, packed with rich and detailed images of food, drink and food consumption imagery from mainly nineteenth century engravings. Beginning with menu designs, headers and banners, menu outer borders, waiters and serving staff, medieval images of banqueting including gluttonous feasts and comic scenes, then straight to Victorian butlers and serving girls, factory -like Victorian kitchens, and Downton Abbey-esque scenes of superior looking gentlemen sampling rich fare proffered by servants.
Table conversations, diners in restaurant cars, the French aristocracy at dinner, scenes: ham, turkey and beef roasts, coffee being enjoyed. Then there are several scenes from workhouse life, poverty and working people eating, followed by children's scenes of all classes.
Towards the last third of the book we have hundreds of images of foodstuffs, utensils, animals, vegetables, desserts, and then wine, drinking and ale consumption from the middle ages to the Victorian period.

Illustrations: over 350 black and white engravings
Author: Jim Harter
Size: 225 mm x 298 mm
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13:
ISBN 10: 0486238164

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