Florid Victorian Ornament

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Florid Victorian Ornament
Greatly complex and detailed, this array of Victorian Ornamentation presents the best of the sweeping, florid and multifoliate style of the 'High Victorian' period. 'Ornaments Invented and Designed by Charles Klimsch', a standard reference of its time, is reprinted here in full, giving the contemporary designer access to the full range of Victorian exotic borders and motifs.
Floral works such as vines, leaves, sprays of symmetrical vegetation, ever-spreading and spilling form, mortised work, rococo extravagances, geometrical forms, animal and human figures, everything in this collection tends to the excessive, the elaborate and the ornate. Perfect images for reproduction and re-use.

Illustrations: 700 designs
Author: Karl Klimsch
Size: 213 x 279 mm
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486234908
ISBN 10: 0486234908

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