Figures Decorative

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Figures Decorative
Originally published in 1905, this is a landmark book of the Art Nouveau movement and perhaps best exemplifies Mucha's artistic product in the years 1895-1905, the decade that made him famous. This publication carefully reproduces all 40 of the original two-colour plates. Comprised of finished drawings in pen, pencil, charcoal and chalk, this volume represents the essence of Mucha's genius and documents the subtle shadings and linear excellence that characterised his masterful illustrations. Placed in rectangles, triangles, stars, circles and a number of irregular geometric forms are figures of women, young girls, and children of both sexes. The harmony between the movement of head, limbs, drapery, and the sense of balance in each pose are the result of Mucha's instinct for composition, gift for ornamentation, and profound knowledge of his craft.

Illustrations: 40
Author: Mucha
Size: 238 x 311
Format: Book
Copyright: Permission Free
ISBN 13: 9780486242347

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