Fashion Drawings and Illustrations from Harpers Bazar

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Fashion Drawings and Illustrations from Harpers Bazar
Hundreds of exotic and elegant costume designs from the master. 
From 1915 to 1936 Erté of Paris was associated with the style magazine Harper's Bazar and this is a collection of some of his best work from the period. This collection comprises 310 of his line drawings and 14 covers, 8 of which appear in colour. With a hint of decadence and a touch of interwar elegance, the drawings conjure up society figures, high fashion, high romance, 'temptresses' and other type of feminine allure, but also emphasise the playful and the exotic, reflecting the changing perception of the female fashion figure in this era. The original Harper's captions have been reprinted with each illustration.

Illustrations:  Over 300 designs and illustrated covers. 
Author: Erté
Size: 239 x 310 mm
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Copyright Reserved

ISBN 13: 9780486233970
ISBN 10: 0486233979

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