Exotic Flowers For Artists and Craftspeople

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Exotic Flowers For Artists and Craftspeople
The lavish colours and exotic beauty of tropical flowers have long made them favourite subjects of artists and craftspeople. this sourcebook of copyright-free illustrations offers a marvellous sampling of lovely blossoms from rainforests, jungles and tropical regions around the world. Depicting blossoms from trees, shrubs, vines and ornamental herbs, 135 accurately detailed drawings include - Indian Coral Tree, Sausage Tree, Moneypod, Shrimp Plant, Crown Flower, Blushing Bride, Cup of Gold, Bird of Paradise, African Tulip, Angel's Trumpet, Butterfly Hibiscus, Thimbleberry, King Protea, Crown of Thorns, Passion Flower, Rattle Shaker, Orchid Tree, Rose Apple, Gardenia, Candle Bush, Pincushion, Lipstick Plant, Orange Trumpet, Spider Lily. All are identified by their common and scientific names as well as by regions of origin.

Illustrations: 135
Author: Green
Size: 215 x 280
Format: Book
Copyright: Permission Free
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ISBN 13: 9780486295602

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