Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint: Geometry

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Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint: Geometry

"Nothing comparable to it." - Mathematics Teacher.

This comprehensive three-part treatment begins with a consideration of the simplest geometric manifolds... line-segment, area, and volume as relative magnitudes - the Grassmann determinant principle for the plane and the Grassmann principle for space -áclassification of the elementary configurations of space according to their behavior under transformation of rectangular coordinates and derivative manifolds. The second section, on geometric transformations, examines affine and projective transformations - higher point transformations,átransformations with change of space element,á and the theory of the imaginary. The text concludes with a systematic discussion of geometry and its foundations. 1939 edition. 141 figures. Unabridged republication of the Dover reprint of the 1925 3rd edition.

Author: Klein
ISBN 13: 9780486434810

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