Egyptian Motifs in the Art Deco Style

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Egyptian Motifs in the Art Deco Style
The ancient Egyptians reveled in ornamentation, and their culture remains vibrant to this day thanks to the abundance of their richly decorated artifacts. This compilation takes an original approach to the art and architecture of the land of the Pharaohs. Drawn from a French collection of the early twentieth century, it interprets classic motifs of ancient Egypt in a dynamic Art Deco style. Hundreds of images include serpents, scarabs, and mythological creatures as well as a profusion of stylized flowers. The individual motifs can serve as striking spot illustrations, and dozens of borders and panels can be used as repeating patterns. In addition, the overall composition of each page forms a wealth of design inspiration. This unique marriage of ancient Egyptian sources and Art Deco design offers professional designers and hobbyists a rich resource of unusual graphics.

Illustrations: profusely illustrated
Author: Dover
Size: large format art book
Format: pbk
Copyright: Permission free
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ISBN 13: 9780486484464

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