Early American Herb Recipes

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Early American Herb Recipes
This fascinating book provides a wealth of information on the uses of herbs by homemakers of the past and gives more than 500 authentic recipes exactly as they appeared in their original sources.
The recipes cover the use of herbs for medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, and other purposes. Readers will discover not only how herbs were used in making vegetable and meat dishes, gravies and sauces, cakes, pies, soups, and beverages, but also how our ancestors employed them in making dyes, furniture polish, insecticides, spot removers, perfumes, hair tonics, soaps, tooth powders, and numerous other products.
More than 100 fine 19th-century engravings of herbs add to the charm of the text an invaluable reference and guide for plant lovers and herb enthusiasts that will

Illustrations: 100 engravings
Author: Brown
Size: 156 mm x 234 mm
Format: Book

ISBN 13: 9780486418759

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