Drawings of William Blake

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Drawings of William Blake
Blakes original pencil drawings in great detail, featuring 92 plates from Book of Job, Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost, visionary heads, mythological figures, Laocoon, Shakespeares plays.
From Blakes illustrated books there are drawings from the Four Zoas, Urizen, Los.
Also includes rare landscapes. allegorical designs, anatomical studies, Blakes grotesques. 
Plates are arranged in chronological order as closely as possible.
Includes: Queen Eleanor, King Edward 111, The Penance of Jane Shore, Macbeth and the Ghost of Banquo, God Creating the Universe, Adam and Eve, The Trinity, Albion and Rahab, Sir Isaac Newton and 35 more plates.

Illustrations: 92 pencil studies
Author: William Blake
Size: A4
Format: Paperback book
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ISBN 13: 9780486223032
ISBN 10: 0486223035

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