Drawing Hands - With Over 1000 illustrations

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Drawing Hands - With Over 1000 illustrations

Comprehensive, useful and usable collection of illustrations of the hand, exceptional in showing over a thousand individual poses and postures. Hands are shown as expressive and conveying emotions, in action and holding poses. Chapters include :
The anatomy of the hand - muscles and bones that make up its framework and define its proportions, and the muscles that direct its actions;  Methods of drawing hands; Women's hands in business and social activity; Hands for the fashion artist; Men's hands - business men; Hands in the Professions; In trades; elderly people; babies and children; games and sports. 

Illustrations: 1000 B&W Drawings
Author: Victor Perard
Size: 157 x 211 mm
Format: Paperback 

ISBN 13:
ISBN 10:0486489167

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