Domestic Manners of the Americans

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Domestic Manners of the Americans
Frances Trollope, mother of the great Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope, wrote more than 40 books in her lifetime, including landmark novels dealing with important social issues. She is best known today, however, for her witty, entertaining, and controversial account of American life and culture, Domestic Manners of the Americans. Published in 1832, the book presents a lively portrait of early nineteenth-century America as observed by a woman of rare intelligence and keen perception. Mrs. Trollope left no stone unturned, commenting on American dress, food, speech, politics, manners, customs, the landscape, architecture, and more--often critically, occasionally admiringly, but always with considerable insight and fine literary flair. An immediate best-seller on its first publication, today the book remains one of the most popular of all American travel accounts. Unabridged (newly typeset) republication of the text originally published for Whittaker, Treacher, & Co., London, 1832.

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