Decorative Antique Ironwork

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Decorative Antique Ironwork
Photographs of over 4,500 objects - thousands of different types, designs and styles. This is a vast compendium of the examples of ironwork from classical times to the early Twentieth century pictured in 415 photographic plates each showing a variety of door furniture, plates, keys, fire backs, door knockers, masks, grotesques, escutcheons, scissors, tongs, animal and human cast figures, combs and jewellery, locks, waterspouts, fenders and thousands more images of metal craftsmanship. 
Taken from a collection compiled in 1924 by Henry D'Allemagne this is a hugely important collection of references for any metal worker, craftsman or artist. 

Illustrations: 4500 objects pictured on 415 b/w photographic plates
Author: Henry D'Allemagne
Size: 215 mm x 312 mm 
Format: Large format paperback
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486220826
ISBN 10: 0486220826

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