Daily Life of the Aztecs

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Daily Life of the Aztecs
Tireless speech-makers and lovers of verse, the ancient Aztecs used a pictographic system to keep records of their history, geography, and rituals. Many of these accounts were destroyed after the Spanish conquest; but fortunately, a few survived, including records kept by the invaders. This book by an international authority on Mexican archeology and sociology presents a vivid account of that profoundly religious Aztec warrior society--from its days as a primitive people, to the early sixteenth century when a powerful government ruled with great organizational ability and restless energy. A highly readable text, accompanied by rare illustrations, describes public buildings and market places, the problems of life in a great city-state, the ruling classes and living standards, religious beliefs, the everyday lives of people--from birth to death, and much more. Amazing in scope and detail, this volume will be invaluable to students of Mexican history and of interest to anyone fascinated by this ancient civiliza

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