Curvilinear Designs : A Victorian Sourcebook

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Curvilinear Designs : A Victorian Sourcebook
Unusual sourcebook of Victorian interiors styles shown as scenes - these are images densely packed with visual style and information. Pictures show walls, doorways, staircases and urns columns and friezes.

Styles depicted with original naming: Elizabethan, Gothic, Roman, "Moresque", "Hindoostanee", Grecian, Persian, Chinese, Batavian, Greek, Japanese (in the Chinese manner), Baroque (Commonly called Louis Quatorze), Louis Quinze, Arabian, European sixteenth Century, Louis Quatorze, Louis Quinze in the manner of Watteau, Byzantine, Modern French, Bolted Elizabethan, Chinese and several more.

These make ideal backgrounds for scenes or sources of myriad visual styles.

ISBN 13: 9780486489766

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