Colonial and Early American Fashions

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Colonial and Early American Fashions
Forty-five carefully researched illustrations present an exciting panorama of more than 150 years of European-inspired fashions, accurately depicting 17th-century Puritans, an indentured servant, an English officer and his lady, pirates dressed in latest fashions acquired as booty, a colonial merchant's family of the mid-1700s, and more. Garments provide a good indication of class and rank from simple woolen trousers, muslin shirts and cotton dresses for country people, laborers and artisans to gowns of satin and brocade for ladies of wealth and waistcoats and silken breeches for well-to-do townsmen and military officials. Descriptive captions.

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Author: Tierney
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Format: Coloring Books
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ISBN 13: 9780486403649

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