Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction

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Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction
The classic source book of Celtic art revealing the fundamental techniques of producing interlacements, spirals, Book of Kells type initials, animals, humans, knotwork, zoomorphic forms and every area of classical Celtic art. Stunning illustrations in clear black and white give artists and designers a clear template to work from and plenty of historic background material to reference.
This is a founding work of the Celtic visual revival and has been indispensable to artists working with Celtic forms since it was produced in 1951. It carefully references original sources, from Lindisfarne, the Book of Kells, stonework, bone carvings and other sources.

Chapter headings: knotwork borders, knotwork panels, spirals, key patterns, lettering, zoomorphics, plant forms, human figures, applications.
Over 500 illustrations in total.

Illustrations: Over 500 black and white diagrams and examples. 
Author: Bain
Size: 304 x 229 mm
Format: Paperback Book

ISBN 13:
ISBN 10: 0486229238

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