Celtic and Medieval Alphabets

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Celtic and Medieval Alphabets
Facing demand for new typefaces engendered by the development of the printing press, 15th-century type designers sought inspiration from the ornate calligraphy of medieval scribes. Many of the fonts in this gallery of Celtic and Medieval alphabets resulted from 19th-century tributes to the scribes of the Middle Ages, suggesting the time-honoured appeal of these unusual typefaces. Artists, illustrators, and anyone seeking unusual graphics for a variety of print projects will find within these pages a tremendous diversity of fonts in styles ranging from the Gothic weight of Lowenbrau, Kaiser, and Hansa to the lighter frills and flowers of Leipzig, Tory, and Hamburg. Most alphabets feature both uppercase and lowercase letters; many also include numerals. Ideal for reproduction on any standard copier, these inexpensive, copyright-free alphabets offer an exciting array of distinctive typefaces.

Illustrations: 53
Author: Solo
Size: 215 x 280
Format: Book
Copyright: Permission Free
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ISBN 13: 9780486400334

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