Cape Cod

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Cape Cod
Unquestionably the best book that has ever been written about Cape Cod, and it is the model to which all new books about the Cape are still compared.'--Walter Harding, The Days of Henry Thoreau '... illustrates the qualities that define his greatest works: his clarity and ease of style, and his concreteness as a naturalist and observer of nature and society.'--AudioFile The man whose name is synonymous with contemplative rural life took beach-combing walking trips around Cape Cod in the early 1850s. The success of Thoreau's expeditions lies in his compelling account of the region's plants, animals, topography, weather, and people. Encounters with the ocean dominate Cape Cod, from the opening episode's dramatic shipwreck to later reflections on the Pilgrims' historic arrival. Thoreau recounts his conversations with fishermen and oystermen, farmers and salvagers, lighthouse-keepers, and ship captains and their tales of exploration, settlement, and survival. Captivating as a travel guide or at-home entertai

Author: Thoreau
ISBN 13: 9780486434933

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