Bridgemans Life Drawing

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Bridgemans Life Drawing
Explains in non technical terms and illustrates in 100's of finely rendered anatomical drawings how best to capture the vitality of the human figure. Life Drawing is not so much a unique system of drawing the human form as it is a new way of conceptualizing. The book begins by examining movement. After abstracting the main masses of the body - head, chest and hips - into their rough geometrical equivalents, Bridgman gives complete instructions for building a simple model which mounts these masses on wire. By manipulating the scale model the student may observe how these masses move in space and into what relationships such movement brings them. Bridgman then tackles the actual problems of drawing the human figure in motion and specific areas of anatomy.

Illustrations: 500
Author: Bridgman
Size: 152 x 229
Format: Book
Copyright: Copyright Reserved
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ISBN 13: 9780486227108

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