Boolean Reasoning: The Logic of Boolean Equations

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Boolean Reasoning: The Logic of Boolean Equations
The author writes very well ... provid[ing] a solid foundational (graduate-level) text for mathematicians, engineers, and logicians ... the author does a good job of drawing examples from the field of logic designed to illustrate useful applications of theory.'--Randal E. Bryant, Carnegie Mellon University A systematic treatment of Boolean reasoning, this concise, newly revised edition combines the works of early logicians with recent investigations, including previously unpublished research results. The book begins with an overview of elementary mathematical concepts and outlines the theory of Boolean algebras, based on Huntington's postulate. It defines operators for elimination, division, and expansion, providing a systematic basis for subsequent discussions of syllogistic reasoning, the solution of Boolean equations, and functional deduction. Two concluding chapters deal with applications; one applies Boolean reasoning to diagnostic problems, and the other discusses the design of multiple-output logic-

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