Best Works of Aubrey Beardsley

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Best Works of Aubrey Beardsley
This is the very best of Beardsleys work, summarizing an artist whose delicacy of line was set deliberately against images that remain strange, exotic and grotesque. Typifiying the 'decadence' of the end of the Century, these vignettes cover a wide range of sources and subjects, including Le Morte D`Arthur, Venus and Tannehauser, Salome and Lucians True History, as well as remarkable creations for the famed British Arts Quarterly, the Yellow Book. Detailed, decorative and eccentric works of graphic art, they retain both a decorative and a disturbing power.

Illustrations: 170
Author: Beardsley
Size: 206 x 279
Format: Book
Copyright: Permission Free
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ISBN 13: 9780486262734

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