Art Nouveau Ornaments: Includes CD-ROM

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Art Nouveau Ornaments: Includes CD-ROM
Typical Art Nouveau motifs from 1906 feature in this reproduction of images from a contemporary German image archive. Fully reproduced both on the book and the accompanying DVD, these are finely detailed, decorative floral images, ideal for decoration, interior design, stencils, jewellery, or as a resource to generate your own Art Nouveau inspired themes.
The book shows each one of the 116 black and white designs in high detail, with a quick-scan image archive at the back for selection. All digital files are included on the disc. 

Illustrations: 116 illustrations - Image File Information: Includes 116 black-and-white images saved as both 300-dpi, high-resolution JPEG files and 72-dpi, Internet-ready JPEG files
Author: O.Fleuron
Size: 230 x 230 mm 
Format: Paperback with DVD
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486475295
ISBN 10: 0486475298

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