Art Forms in Nature

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Art Forms in Nature
100 lithographic plates from the 'Kunstformen' of Ernst Heinrich Haeckel, an early exponent of Darwinism, who illustrated a multitude of unusual life forms: microscopic organisms; jellyfish, starfish, sponge, corals, barnacles; mosses, lichens, algae, ferns, fungi, orchids; turtles, moths, spiders, bats, lizards, hummingbirds and antelope. A classic of illustrated marine biology, this is also a gift to artists. 
Prefiguring surrealism, these designs are often highly abstracted and geometrically structured., offering shapes, patterns and flowing lines to artists and designers. This edition is very clear and provides excellent reproduction and definition of outer edges of the forms themselves. Reprint of Kunsformen Der Natur, 1904.

Illustrations: 100 plates of images
Author: Ernst Haeckel
Size: 238 x 311 mm
Format: Paperback book.
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13:
ISBN 10: 0486229874

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