Animal Illustration : The Essential Reference

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Animal Illustration : The Essential Reference
A beautiful collection of hundreds of black and white and colour pictures of animals taken from illustrated books and manuscripts. This is a wide ranging survey including: 
Medieval manuscript designs, Renaissance works by Durer, seventeenth century designs by Seba, Nineteenth century drawings and engravings from Heck, Cuvier, Jardine, Audubon, Wilson and Lear. This is a compendium of different styles subjects approaches and designs.
Artists include: John James Audubon, Raymond Bishop, Pierre Joseph Bonnaterre, Alfred Edmund Brehm, George-Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon, George, Baron Cuvier, Edgar Degas, Chalres, Maurice, Edward Detmold, Edward Donovan, Gustave Doré, Durer, Daniel Elliot, John Gould, Grandville, El Greco, Haeckel, J G Heck, Sir William Jardine, Numata Kashu, Matthaus Merian and many more. Packed with unusual and intriguing plates and images. 

Illustrations: 128 plates of images
Author: Carol Belanger Grafton
Size: A4
Format: Paperback book

ISBN 13: 9780486799865

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