Ancient Goddesses Tattoos

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Ancient Goddesses Tattoos
Admirers of prehistoric art and mythology and anyone impressed with the ancient mythic power of women will prize this unique collection of colorful body art. Six images include a Minoan snake goddess (c. 1,600 b.c.); the Stone Age earth mother known as Venus of Willendorf (c. 30,000 b.c.); a vegetation goddess (5,000 b.c.); an eighteenth-century rendering of Jagadamba, India's 'Mother of the World'; an Egyptian bird-faced goddess (4,000 b.c.); and a Greek rising earth mother (1,350 b.c.). Dover Original. 6 full-color tattoos on 2 plates. Instructions.

Illustrations: -
Author: Pomaska
Size: -
Format: Tattoos
Copyright: -
ISBN 13: 9780486424163

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