Acupuncture Medicine: Its Historical and Clinical Background

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Acupuncture Medicine: Its Historical and Clinical Background
Many ills that conventional Western medication fails to prevent and cure--migraine, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and allergies, to name a few--are in some cases relieved through the remarkable effects of acupuncture. This comprehensive history presents a complete and coherent guide to the widely acclaimed and employed Oriental practice. The author readily acknowledges the superiority of Western medicine in certain situations (particularly in cases of infectious disease); his contention is that every physician should have the knowledge and advantage of Oriental medicine and acupuncture in addition to the benefits of Western medicine. The combined techniques offer enormous potential not only for alleviating suffering and possibly even saving lives, but also for reducing common medical expenses. Starting with historical background, including the origins and meanings of concepts essential to the practice of acupuncture, the text proceeds to a discussion of the anatomical and pathophysiological concepts of Ori

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Author: Omura
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