200 Illustrations from Gerards Herbal CD-ROM and Book

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200 Illustrations from Gerards Herbal CD-ROM and Book
These are authentic woodcut images taken from The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes by John Gerard first published in 1597. From this rare and vast storehouse of botanical information beautiful, royalty-free illustrations of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and garden flowers - a total of 214 black-and-white illustrations. All images in the book are included on the disc.
The images show the entire plant with root. Species include:
Agrimony, aloe, anemone, anise, arssmart, artichoke, asarabacca, avens, batchelors button, balm, basil, bears ear, bears foot, bees nest, beet, bellflower, betony, bindweed, birthwort, blite, blue bottle, borage, briony of peru, bruisewort, burdock, burnet, campion, capers, carnation, carrot, centaury, chamomile, chickweed, chicory, clary, cocks head, cockow pint, comfrey, daisy, dandelion, fennel, foxglovem gourd, grass, horseradish, honeysuckle knapweed, lion's leaf, melon, mint, mullien, mustard, nettel, orpine, pansy, patience, pennywort, peony, plantain, primrose, radish, sage, samphire, scabious, sea holly, sunflower, thyme, toadflax, violet, willow flower, wolfs bane....
These are authentic sixteenth century images, ideal for illustrating themes such as herbalism, apothecarys, and culinary or healing themes.

Illustrations: 200
Author: Gerard
Size: A4
Format: Paperback with disc
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486996585
ISBN 10: 0486996581

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