101 Great Illustrators From the Golden Age 1890 - 1925

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101 Great Illustrators From the Golden Age 1890 - 1925
Comprehensive survey of the golden age of book and magazine illustration, from the period 1890 - 1925:
Artists include: Crane, Dulac, Parrish, Pyle, Rackham, Wyeth, Edward Detmold, Charles Dana Gibson, Heinrich Kley, Alastair, Aubrey Beardsley, Ivan Bilibin, Rene Bull, Alphonse Mucha, Kay Neilsen, Frederic Remington, Louis Rhead and many, many more.
The layout usefully showcases each artist with several examples of their work and has a brief but informative biography covering life and career.  Full colour throughout and packed with illustrations and photographs this is an ideal introduction to the subject over 250 pages. 

Illustrations: hundreds of illustrations
Author: Jeff A Menges (Editor)
Size: A4 
Format: Paperback Book

ISBN 13: 9780486430812
ISBN 10: 0486430812

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