1,001 Floral Motifs and Ornaments for Artists and Craftspeople

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1,001 Floral Motifs and Ornaments for Artists and Craftspeople
A treasury of floral designs: motifs, spot illustrations, borders and small frames, selected from rare periodicals, illustrated books, American, English, French, German and Spanish typography catalogues. Ornamental styles range from Eighteenth century classical to Victorian and Art Nouveau, with material from early twentieth century periodicals. Selections include reproductions from such periodicals as The Studio, L'Art pour tous and Formenschatz.
As depicted on the cover, images are generally in the style of printers motifs and cuts, perfect for adding to stationary, logos, letterheads, as branding, or for craft use and use in pattern design. Basic themes are a single spray of flowers, or focus on an individual flower or plant. These are worked into a typographic or symmetrical device.
A wide range of superb, clear, black and white floral imagery.

Illustrations: 1001 designs and motifs. 
Author: Carol Belanger Grafton
Size: 213 x 279 mm
Format: Paperback Book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486253527
ISBN 10: 048625352x

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