The Anatomy and Action of the Horse

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The Anatomy and Action of the Horse
This easy-to-read text explains the horse as a machine made for movement. Using different colors in his drawings, the author not only describes with clarity the functions of various muscles, but also creates images that have the power to suggest movement and stress. Diagrams and color illustrations of the horse's anatomy are supplemented by meticulously rendered sketches of the entire animal. The Anatomy and Action of the Horse will enlighten anyone fascinated by movement who would like to better comprehend its execution. This is also a book that will appeal to horse lovers who want to know why this animal is capable of moving with such grace and speed (without having to go into the anatomical complexities of the subject). Unabridged republication of the edition published by the Countryman Press, Woodstock, Vermont, 1936. 66 black-and-white illustrations. Index. Bibliography. Glossary. 160pp. plus 24-page full-color insert.

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Author: Luard
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Format: Book
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ISBN 13: 9780486429809

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