Street Art Vector Graphics & Stencils CD-ROM and Book

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Street Art Vector Graphics & Stencils CD-ROM and Book
Vector images with a Street Art feel, from spray guns to mopeds, soup cans to furniture.
This fresh collection features over 500 original black-and-white graphic images in four categories:

Retro: '60s, '70s, and '80s motifs with an urban flavour.
Pop: references to popular culture and iconic works by Warhol and Lichtenstein.
Mod: mid-century images related to fashion, furniture, and architecture.
Tech: illustrations of computers, radios, cameras, and other technological devices, from ipods to cash registers, alarm clocks to mobiles, cutaways of film cameras, watches and old fashioned reel to reels.
Image File Information: Includes 505 royalty-free images saved in EPS vector and high-resolution JPEG formats.

Illustrations: 500 original graphics
Author: Dover
Size: A4
Format: pbk with CD
Copyright: Permission Free
Dispatch: Usually ships: same day.
ISBN 13: 9780486991702

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