Invitation to Go

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Invitation to Go
Known as Wei Ch'i in China, where it originated 4,000 years ago, the territorial board game of Go is enjoyed today by millions of people the world over. Its rules are simple, but it bears endless possibilities for complex strategic maneuvers--in fact, it's reputed to be beyond the capacity of computers! Manuals for Go are hard to come by; this introduction initiates newcomers and also helps experienced players to hone their skills. 'Go is for everyone,' notes the author. 'Judgment and experience are at least as important in Go as mental agility, and young and old are equally represented at even the highest and most strenuous levels of the game.' This easy-to-follow guide assures players of a fresh appreciation for an ancient game. 124 diagrams.

Author: Fairbairn
Format: pbk
ISBN 13: 9780486433561

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