Esoteric and Occult Art

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Esoteric and Occult Art

Powerful collection of esoteric and occult imagery.

This compilation reveals the world of Western esotericism, from the ancient world to the present. More than 200 examples of this rare and unusual art are drawn from manuscripts and early printed books by practitioners of various traditions: Hermetic, Gnostic, Alchemical, Arthurian, Rosicrucian, Qabbalistic, Masonic, and 19th-century occultism.

Features the work of J Augustus Knapp, symbolism, engravings of dieities, mystical creatures and ancient Gods. 

Image File Information: This CD-ROM and Book set includes: 133 high-resolution, profiled color JPEG images for impeccable reproductions. 12 black-and-white, 1200-dpi, bit-mapped, print-ready TIFF versions. 64 high-resolution color GIF images. 72-dpi, Internet-ready JPEG graphics.

Illustrations: More than 200 illustrations
Author: Weller
Size: Pictura format
Format: pbk with CD
Copyright: permission free

ISBN 13: 9780486991634

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