Children, A Pictorial Archive of Permission-Free Illustrations

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Children, A Pictorial Archive of Permission-Free Illustrations
In the same well known and continually used series as 'Men' and 'Women' also featured here, this is a great reference book of images of children, taken from historical cuts and illustrations, and showing a wide variety of postures and activities.

Styles include silhouettes, engravings and illustraions of children : playing, sitting, standing, on bicycles, being dressed, writing, sledging, with dolls, toys, tools, in sentimental Victorian poses, on swings, playing instruments, dancing, eating, at school, being scolded, educated, dressing up, with bears, cats, hobby horses and generally involved in hundreds of activites and poses.

Sources: The Royal Magazine, The Century Magazine, Harpers Young People, Ueber Land Und Meer, Little Folks, Life, Our Young Folks, Child Life, Craftsman and a host of other period sources.

Illustrations: 863 royalty free illustrations
Author: Grafton
Size: 210 x 280
Format: Book
Copyright: Permission Free
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ISBN 13: 9780486417974

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