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Images On Cd Rom
Wide selection of digitized Dover image books with CDs.
Animals, Creatures
Classic copyright-free animal image sourcebooks.
Floral, Nature, Plants
Victorian and Modern Plant images
Decorative Art and Interiors
Fantastic, Baroque, Neoclassical, Ancient World...
Decoupage, Victoriana
Colourful decorative Victoriana.
Art Nouveau, Art Deco

Decorative Art from original sources

Pattern Design
Geometric and repeat patterns

Fashion and costume through the ages

Dover Books from Dover Publications Inc. Pictorial Archive and clip art source books; the largest collection of permission, royalty and copyright free images and illustration references in the world.

We specialize in royalty free image books, in graphic art and in fine art; always held on our shelves whenever possible, ready to send. We also stock books from Pepin Press.

We guarantee that these books deliver the best from the world's largest collection of copyright free material. Our shopping basket system is secure and we will never pass on your details to others. You can order confidently, knowing that our experience is on the line!